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France: Academy of Medicine; Dec 4, 2001
Statement on Radiation Health Effects

American Nuclear Society - Position Statement #41[PDF 46KB] "Health Effects of Low Level Radiation," June 2001

RSH was organized by independent individuals knowledgeable in radiation health effects science, and related radiation protection, and medical applications, public policies.  They know the scientific literature, misrepresented data, and wasted public funds, that do not protect public health.
  • RSH seeks to change public policy in the public interest.
  • This site provides examples of the extensive science data.
  • It advocates for appropriate research and policy changes. 

Government agencies suppress data, including radiation hormesis, and foster radiation fear.  They support extreme, costly, radiation protection policies; and preclude using low-dose radiation for health and medical benefits that apply hormesis, in favor of using (more profitable) drug therapies.

Wasted public costs/funds exceed US $ 1 trillion, for NO public health benefits.

  • Radiation limits are as low as 0.1% of just the variation in natural background radiation
    (requiring massive public funds).
  • This causes millions of premature deaths (vs. funding public health benefits- hormesis).
  • It constrains low-dose radiation applications (including medical therapies to prevent and treat cancer, infections and inflammatory conditions, and other diseases).

The extensive data are not adequately considered by the primary radiation protection bodies and radiation researchers funded by the government agencies. Contrary to extensive data in whole organisms, they presume that low-level radiation causes adverse health effects linearly down to zero dose - the "linear no-threshold" (LNT) presumption.  This presumption is also discredited by current knowledge of biology and carcinogenesis.

  • Biology and radiation science leaders state that using the LNT is without scientific foundation and "a deeply immoral use of our scientific heritage," (Dr. Lauriston Taylor - US); and "the greatest scientific scandal of the 20thCentury," (Dr. Gunnar Walinder - Sweden).
  • Equivalent statements by other highly credible scientists are summarized in the RSH Brochure, and in the "RSH Data Document."
  • This partial data summary is continuously updated.  Thousands of experiments that contradict the LNT are documented.  Extensive efforts by Dr. T.D. Luckey, Dr. Sohei Kondo, and many others, have "compiled the data" and refute claims that data support the LNT.  These are voluminous data sources. They contrast with the very few, poor, and even technically biased, "studies" that are misrepresented to justify the LNT in order to foster public fear, and to support costly radiation protection and medical therapy policies.


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