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"Low Level
Radiation Health Effects: Compiling  the Data"

Revision 1
March 19, 1998

by Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc.
Edited by J. Muckerheide


In an abstract, Geras’kin states (1995) that:

"Analysis of up-to-date conceptions and approaches to assessment of biological effect of small doses of radiation showed that presently there is no unified concept of biological effect of ionizing radiation in the range of low doses. The models using for genetic risk assessment are usually based on the linear non-threshold concept and have insufficient biological justification. They are of extrapolation nature and come into conflict with available experimental data. The analysis of experimentally observed cell reactions to irradiation allows the author to conclude that the behavior of genetical disorders in the range of low doses in universal and could be approximated by linear-threshold curve. The doses at which the change of dependence takes place are different for various objects and determined by their sensitivity to external influence."


RSH > Documents > RSH Data Docs > 1.9 > Geras'kin 1995

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