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"Low Level
Radiation Health Effects: Compiling  the Data"

Revision 1
March 19, 1998
by Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc.
Edited by J. Muckerheide



Dr. Shuji Kojima from the Research Institute for Biological Sciences, Tokyo and his colleagues in Japan state (1997) that:

"Ionizing radiation can be considered to be a source of active oxygen radicals. Therefore, some of the adaptive responses described above can be anticipated after treatment with small-dose radiation. In this study, we first confirmed the induction of the increased antioxidant potential of various tissues after treatment with small-dose gamma-ray irradiation. Small doses (25-50 cGy), of gamma-ray irradiation significantly increased the scavenging potential of tissue cytosol fractions against DPPH. This phenomenon was seen soon after post-irradiation and persisted, suggesting an adaptive response to the active oxygen species generated by the radiation."

"These adaptive responses of enzymes, were confirmed by the induction of their mRNAs. In conclusion, it could be suggested that small dose of radiation triggers an adaptive response against active oxygen species."


RSH > Documents > RSH Data Docs > 1.9 > Kojima 1997

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