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"Low Level
Radiation Health Effects: Compiling  the Data"

Revision 1
March 19, 1998
by Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc.
Edited by J. Muckerheide



Professor and Chairman Emeritus of the Dept. of Biochemistry, U. Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, Dr. Don Luckey reports (1997) that:

"Information from nine studies with exposed nuclear workers and military observers of atmospheric bomb explosions confirms the results from animal studies which showed that low doses of ionizing radiation are beneficial. The usual ‘healthy worker effect’ was eliminated by using carefully selected control populations. The results from 13 million person-years show the cancer mortality rate of exposed persons is only 65.6% that of carefully selected unexposed controls. This overwhelming evidence-makes it politically untenable and morally wrong to withhold public health benefits of low dose irradiation. Safe supplementation of ionizing radiation should become a public health service."

"The evidence is strong enough to over-ride the moral indiscretions of governments which offer no opportunity to decrease cancer mortality rates with low dose irradiation."


RSH > Documents > RSH Data Docs > 1.9 > Luckey 1997

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