As Rad Science & Health grows, so does the readership grow, which is why I am inviting you to consider advertising on my blog.

Read on to see what I have to offer in the form of advertisement. The prices will vary so I encourage you to send me an email, so we can discuss further.

Sponsored Product Review

The best form of advertisement that any company or individual can have. You will be required to provide me with a sample of the actual product, so I can be honest and transparent with my review.

The price does vary depending on how you want the post written. This means that I can include videos of the actual product in action, if applicable, or share a link that points to your website.

Headline Leaderboard Banner (728×90)

A great attention grabber since this is seen at the top of my blog. Currently, I’ve set my headline banner advertisements to rotate every 2 weeks. As an advertiser, you will be notified when your ad is being displayed.

Leaderboard Banner (728×90)

Unlike the Headline Leaderboard Banner, this will be placed either at the middle or the bottom of my blog. The same display rotation as the headline leaderboard banner applies.

Medium Rectangle Banner (300×250)

One of the top performing banners since it is also seen at the top right of the blog page. Ads are rotated on a monthly basis.