5 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil

You’ve probably heard and read about cannabidiol oil or what is better known as CBD oil. It has gained the attention of the general public and the scientific and medical community since it has been reported to have several beneficial and medicinal properties.

Before I delve further into some of its amazing benefits, allow me to first explain what CBD oil is and the plants that contain this chemical component.

CBD oil is actually a misnomer. It is not an essential oil rather it is an extract from a Cannabis plant. The most common types of Cannabis are marijuana and hemp. You may think that because marijuana is mentioned, CBD oil will have psychotropic effects, but this is not the case.

It is actually Cannabis oil, extracted from marijuana, which has a high delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content. THC has been proven to have psychotropic effects while CBD does not have a psychotropic effect.

Hemp contains both THC and CBD oils, but the ratio of CBD content is higher than in marijuana, which makes hemp the main source of commercially produced CBD oil.

Now that everything is clear, let’s get to the fun part – the 5 amazing benefits of CBD!

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation particularly chronic inflammation has become a common problem. Non-treatment of this ailment can, however, lead to other forms of non-infectious diseases. Scientific and medical research has shown that CBD can help reduce chronic inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Chronic Pain Reliever

Chronic pain can be so severe that it prevents you from going on with your daily routine. CBD has been proven to help reduce chronic pain. In Canada, CBD is actually used during treatments for pain caused by cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Anti-Cancer Properties

CBD studies have shown that it can help reduce cancer-related symptoms and the side effects of chemotherapy treatments such as vomiting, nausea, and pain. Admittedly, much work has yet to be done about this, but the American Cancer Society claims that experimental results look promising.

Anxiolytic and Antidepressant Properties

Both depression and anxiety have become common mental health disorders associated with modern-day living. CBD studies have shown that it can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by targeting the receptors for serotonin in the brain.

Acne Treatment

Acne, which is caused by several factors, is one skin disorder that we can definitely do without. CBD studies show that it can help control excessive sebum secretion by the sebaceous gland cells.