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Of course, the idea is to avoid the appearance of the couple’s crises to do what is necessary so that we do not reach a point where the love relationship is significantly damaged.

However, once this has happened, all is not lost: in many cases, it is possible to move the tab to get out of this situation and make the marriage or courtship stronger again.

How to overcome these bad moments that the relationship goes through? You will find several tips that, although they are simple to explain, require perseverance, commitment to the idea of ​​improvement, and effort.

Avoid Wanting To Win In Every Argument

Often, the trap of confusing discussions with contests in which you have to stay ahead of the other falls, whatever the cost. This only fuels the conflict, of course.

But, paradoxically, an argument is also an opportunity to reconcile, because your self shows that you are capable of not being carried away by the impulses that lead you to get angry, and shows understanding and empathy, this is a powerful show of love, and will contribute that the other person has reasons to build bridges, seeing that on the other side there is someone listening.

Treat Past Problems Honestly

For example, this can happen if you consider that you have made more sacrifices than the other person to be able to live together. Talking about this transparently is necessary to strike a balance, which brings us to the next point.


You Have To Achieve Symmetry

Relationships based on dependency or codependency is condemned to suffer turbulent periods. It is not sustainable to make a large part of our lives depend on the arbitrary or unilateral decisions of the other person. You have to be at a point where we both give what we receive.

You Need To Acknowledge Mistakes

This is basic. Without the ability to look back and recognize that we have been wrong, it is very difficult to love, or even live together. It is not worth making excuses or assuming that the blame is shared: we must communicate that we believe we have done wrong or made a mistake, and offer a way to repair the damage caused.

Do Not Let Time Pass Without More

You don’t just have to address issues and talk about them to reach a consensual solution. You also have to do it soon, without leaving everything “for the next day.”

The simple passing of time does not solve a couple’s crisis; it only makes the situation more frustrating, investing more weeks, months, and years in a courtship or a relationship in which no one learns from their mistakes. 


Faced With Major Problems, Go To Couples Therapy

Alinea Center Counseling believes couples therapy is nowadays a service widely used by all kinds of people, even those who do not even consider separation or divorce. In these sessions, psychologists offer our training, therapeutic tools, and counseling and mediation power to create situations where patients can communicate, discover previously invisible errors, and do something to remedy the relationship crisis.