3 Ways Car Accidents are Prevented using Technology

Road accidents does happen despite the constant reminders about road safety. The good news is that automobile manufacturers have seriously taken this issue into consideration whenever they make plans to manufacture and release a new vehicle model.

Thanks to the development of car technology, we now have access to cars that come with the latest features in keeping us and other road users safe.

Electronic Stability Control

In my opinion, this would be one of the most important car accident prevention technology. It prevents the car from getting out of control even under extreme weather conditions. The electronic stability control can either momentarily apply the brakes to individual wheels or it can reduce the engine power thus giving the driver the chance to take control of the car.

Gear Shift Palm Sensors

Great for preventing drunk drivers from getting onto the road. A sensor is incorporated into the car’s gear shift that automatically keeps the car parked if it detects that you indulged in an alcoholic drink. A drunk driving voice alert will be issued by the vehicle’s navigation system if this happens.

Lane Departure Prevention or Warning

This technology alerts the driver if they are drifting from their lane. In lane departure prevention, the technology will automatically steer the car into the correct lane while the lane departure warning technology will inform the driver that it is veering from its lane through sound alert.

Aside from the above 3 technologies, there are other car prevention technologies available. If you plan to purchase a new car, take the time to go over the built-in safety features.

Ask the dealer if they also offer other aftermarket safety features. After all, when it comes to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, it doesn’t hurt to be doubly sure that you have the best, does it?

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